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Local Natives

sunlit youth

Infectious Music


Released: 9th Sep 2016



Released: 9th Sep 2016


over the course of 3 albums, the band's sound has progressed from the sweet psych-folk of 'gorilla manor' to the multi-layered word of mouth success, 'hummingbird' & now we get a bold, energetic shiny pop record.

it may be a long way from where the band started out but the journey feels natural - this definitely feels like a record the band really wanted to make - a joyous synth-streaked celebration of their success to date. if you've not succumbed to la indie-rockers' charm before & you're a fan of glass animals, wild beasts or everything everything, make time for local natives.

sunlit youth


  1. Villainy
  2. Past Lives
  3. Dark Days
  4. Fountain Of Youth
  5. Masters
  6. Jellyfish
  7. Coins
  8. Mother Emanuel
  9. Ellie Alice
  10. Psycho Lovers
  11. Everything All At Once
  12. Sea Of Years

limited 10"

  1. Past Lives
  2. Villainy
  3. Fountain of Youth
  4. Lydon (exclusive)