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Jane Weaver

The Amber Light

Bird Records

clear amber lp

Released: 8th Jul 2016


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first-time vinyl pressing of the excellent mini-album originally released as part of the deluxe cd edition of weaver's 'the silver globe' - but this is by no means a b-sides and outtakes record, instead for many it stood up as its own isolated project that included some of Jane’s best material to date, including the pulsating synth anthem 'I Need A Connection’.

this record captures Jane exuding the passion, experimentalism and justified confidence which is instantly reflected with some of her best songwriting to date. for fans of suzanne ciani and beyond the wizard's sleeve.

The Amber Light


  1. La Pomme D’Argent
  2. I Need A Connection
  3. You Are Dissolved
  4. Cascade In Dark
  5. Argent (Tom Furse Extrapolation)
  6. The Amber Light (Edit)
  7. Parade Of Blood Red
  8. Sorrows
  9. Neotantrik Globes (Excerpt)