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so long forever


limited uk only cd

Released: 4th Nov 2016


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Following a solid run of releases, the London band’s debut makes good on that early promise with an album of brooding vocals and chiming guitars.

Fans of Foals and The Maccabees may just have found their new gods of UK indie with this one. The strong songwriting also rouses like US acts like The National and The Walkmen on this super-consistent set. “they have matured-yet-remained faithful, and expanded-yet-honed. So Long Forever is an album from a band who know what they want, and how they want to get there… one for the ages” 8.5/10 – the line of best fit

so long forever


  1. Break The Silence
  2. Bitter
  3. Live Well
  4. It’s Over
  5. Fire In The Sky
  6. Family
  7. Have Faith
  8. So Long Forever
  9. Blackheath
  10. Holy Smoke
  11. slaving On