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Secret Palace



Released: 15th Jul 2016


a hard and brash instrumental club record that embodies the DIY spirit of the young producer recognised for his grime and low slung, Memphis rap references and anthemic sound.

Coming from the same Glasgow club scene that birthed Hudson Mohawke, Rustie and S-Type, Inkke’s (aka Russell Patterson) recent collaboration with Novelist ‘Mmm Yeah’ alongside vocal throwdowns from Skepta, D-Double E and Rapid on the EP’s ‘Simmer’ has cemented his beats as future grime rhythms. With ‘Secret Palace’ however, Inkke has delivered his most developed release to date, opening with the Hans Zimmeresque ‘New Day Theme’, followed by the heavyweight dance floor tracks and clinical club anthems ‘Chores, ‘Tales From The Quick’ and ‘Sorry’.

Secret Palace


  1. New Day Theme
  2. Chores
  3. Tales From The Quick
  4. Sorry
  5. Simmer
  6. Ghost World