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gazelle twin

Fleshed Out

anti-ghost moon ray

2lp + download

Released: 29th Jul 2016


one of 2014’s most acclaimed, independent electronic albums is autopsied and re-animated tracks by 10 exceptional producers – including carter tutti, dave clarke and blanck mass among others.

Perc's brutally stark rework of 'Anti Body’ blows the collection open and is paired with the inventive, dub treatment of ‘GUTS’ by unsigned, 19yr-old producer - Don’t Look. Legendary Throbbing Gristle duo, Carter Tutti (Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter), however give ‘Unflesh’ a surprisingly gentle treatment Moving into clubbier modes there's Dave Clarke’s high-energy mix of ‘Exorcise’ (also released on ‘Charcoal Eyes’ on N.E.W.S in April 2016), and Polish producer, Zamilska, chills ‘Belly of the Beast’ right down to its knuckles. Blanck Mass’ eastern-tinged remix of ‘Still Life’ winds the tempo down further before Lone Taxidermist’s (Natalie Sharp and Phil Winter of Tunng) version of ‘Premonition’ delicately snuffs out the flame.

Fleshed Out


  1. Anti Body (Perc)
  2. GUTS (Don't Look)
  3. Unflesh (Carter Tutti)
  4. Anti Body (Wrangler)
  5. Still Life (Vanishing)
  6. Exorcise (Dave Clarke)
  7. Belly Of The Beast (Zamilska)
  8. Anti Body ( I Speak Machine)
  9. Still Life (Blanck Mass)
  10. Premonition (Lone Taxidermist)