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Mac Quayle

Mr. Robot Season 1 Original Soundtrack Volume 1

Invada Records


Released: 9th Sep 2016


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this incredible synth lead score is by mac quale, who is well respected for his soundtrack work alongside Cliff Martinez on ‘Drive’, ‘Spring Breakers’ and ‘Only God Forgives’ and has written music for over 40 films and TV shows.

Quayle’s score brings to mind works by composers such as Cliff Martinez, Cabaret Voltaire and Vangelis but it is ultimately its own dark, unnerving beast; at times strange, dreamy and atmospheric, whilst being almost unbearably claustrophobic at others. Much like the show itself, the soundtrack is destined to be a classic. Created by Sam Esmail, the Golden Globe winning ‘Mr. Robot’ follows Elliot, a cyber-security engineer-turned-vigilante hacker as part of a mysterious hacking group intent on taking down a multinational corporation.

Mr. Robot Season 1 Original Soundtrack Volume 1


  1. 1.0_1-hellofriend.wav
  2. 1.0_2-oneincontrol.aiff
  3. 1.0_3-fucksociety.mp3
  4. 1.0_4-m0rphine.aac
  6. 1.0_6-leavem3here.flac
  7. 1.0_7-waitfortheQ.ogg
  8. 1.0_8-whatsyourask.m4p
  9. 1.0_9-flipper.bwf
  10. 1.1_1-one6away.caf
  11. 1.1_2-wearefsociety.sd2
  12. 1.1_3-oneor0.wma
  13. 1.1_4-hateurself.ra
  14. 1.1_5-illusionofchoice.mp3
  16. 1.2_1-IwillbeCTO.m4p
  17. 1.2_2-humanpunchingbag.aiff
  18. 1.2_3-therealshayla.wav
  19. 1.3_1-Ichosethis.ogg
  20. 1.3_2-everyrev0lution.ra
  21. 1.3_3-betterthanm0rphine.aac
  22. 1.3_4-allsafevirus.bwf
  23. 1.3_5-da3m0nsneverstop.caf
  24. 1.4_1-squ4rewiththeuniverse.wma
  25. 1.4_2-impenetrable.sd2
  26. 1.4_3-billharper.mp3
  27. 1.4_4-exploitingtyrell.wav
  28. 1.4_5-revenge1syourweakn3ss.ra