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The Verve

A Northern Soul (2016 reissue)

virgin emi / usm


Released: 9th Sep 2016


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Released: 9th Sep 2016


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A darker, starker, and more personal affair than their debut, ‘A Northern Soul’ saw Ashcroft eschewing the strung-out positivism of their debut for sober ruminations on the human condition.

The result? Timeless ballads like ‘On Your Own’ that contrasted with ambitious workouts even more explosive than before - notably ‘A New Decade’ and the titanic ‘This Is Music’. A general mood of doubt, and even ennui, however, is there as an undercurrent, best exemplified by the prophetic torch song ‘History’. When news of the band’s break up came shortly before its release it sounded like it might even become the band’s epitaph.


*** For this super deluxe 3cd reissue, the album has been remastered and is augmented by the inclusion of all associated B-sides, two previously unreleased BBC radio sessions and seven unreleased studio tracks ***

A Northern Soul (2016 reissue)


lp / CD1: The Remastered Album

  1. A New Decade
  2. This Is Music
  3. On Your Own
  4. So It Goes
  5. A Northern Soul
  6. Brainstorm Interlude
  7. Drive You Home
  8. History
  9. No Knock On My Door
  10. Life’s An Ocean
  11. Stormy Clouds
  12. (Reprise)

CD2: B-Sides

This Is Music

  1. Let The Damage Begin
  2. You And Me

On Your Own

  1. I See The Door
  2. Little Gem
  3. Dance On Your Bones


  1. History (radio edit)
  2. Back On My Feet Again
  3. On Your Own (Acoustic)
  4. Monkey Magic (Brainstorm Mix)
  5. Grey Skies
  6. Life’s Not A Rehearsal

CD3 – Unreleased Studio and BBC Sessions

  1. Brake Lights
  2. Mover
  3. Funky Jam (aka he Rolling People)
  4. Echo Bass
  5. Muhammad Ali
  6. Come On
  7. King Riff (aka This Is Music)

BBC Radio 1 Session – 28/6/1995

  1. On Your Own
  2. So It Goes

BBC Radio 1 Session (19/6/1995)

  1. A New Decade
  2. This Is Music
  3. Life’s An Ocean
  4. Come On