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marconi union

Ghost Stations

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Released: 12th Aug 2016



Released: 12th Aug 2016


gracefully blending together elements of dub, jazz, ambience and electronica within their richly melodic compositions - the manchester trio's ninth album is arguably their very best yet.

while still as wonderfully relaxing as ever, this record (made up of four 10 minute tracks) heads into Burial-style dubstep with a touch of mogwai post rock too. utterly fantastic. "for all their doom-mongering - this record feeds on notions of dereliction and abandonment - marconi union always find beuty in the bleakest places." - 8/10 uncut

Ghost Stations


  1. Sleeper
  2. Remnants / Shadow Scheme
  3. Abandoned / In Silence
  4. Riser