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Mike & Rich (u-ziq & aphex twin)

Expert Knob Twiddlers (2016 reissue)

Planet Mu Records Ltd.


Released: 2nd Sep 2016



Released: 2nd Sep 2016


re-edited and remastered from the original DAT tapes, this 1994 collaboration between james and paradinas stood out amongst the more solemn electronica of the time with its gleeful experimentalism.

James had tried to collaborate with a few other likeminded artists but something clicked when the pair worked together, giving the session a unique, playful. Recorded over a few days of the 1994 World Cup on what is now seen as fairly primitive gear - an Atari, Roland MKS-80, Memorymoog, Roland R8 and a handful of samples on a Casio FZ-10M – These are fun experiments in the spirit of lighthearted moog pop and ripe 70s British TV themes.

Expert Knob Twiddlers (2016 reissue)


  1. Mr. Frosty
  2. Reg B
  3. Jelly Fish
  4. Eggy Toast
  5. Vodka C
  6. Winner Takes All
  7. Giant Deflating Football
  8. Upright Kangaroo D
  9. The Sound Of The Beady Eyes
  10. Bu Bu Bu Ba E
  11. Vodka (Mix 2)
  12. Portamento Gosh
  13. Waltz F
  14. Brivert & Muonds
  15. Clissold Bathroom
  16. Jelly Fish (Mix 2)
  17. Organ Plodder