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xiu xiu

Plays the Music of Twin Peaks

bella union


Released: 7th Oct 2016


one red one transparent coloured 2lp + download

Released: 7th Oct 2016


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The mercurial artists' reinterpretation of iconic music  David Lynch’s Twin Peaks is at turns playful, difficult, dramatic, brutal, monstrous, and gorgeous, making for the perfect twisted homage to the classic show.

This spirit of duality and contradictions is in keeping with Twin Peaks in an unexpectedly brilliant way. This is a dense, rewarding album, recognisable in tone to the original music at times, whilst at others caterwauling into sequences of paranoid guitar jams, foreboding drone, and ott melodrama. Originally a limited run as part of record store day 2016, this compelling work has thankfully been given a full release. "Xiu Xiu's tribute to the music of Twin Peaks is one of their most haunting and beautiful LPs in years" - pitchfork

Plays the Music of Twin Peaks


  1. Laura Palmer’s Theme
  2. Into The Night
  3. Audrey’s Dance
  4. Packard’s Vibration
  5. Nightsea Wind
  6. Blue Frank Pink Room
  7. Sycamore Tree
  8. Harold’s Theme
  9. Dance Of The Dream Man
  10. Falling
  11. Love Theme Farewell
  12. Josie’s Past