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Gruff Rhys

Set Fire To The Stars

twisted nerve recordings


Released: 30th Sep 2016



Released: 30th Sep 2016


the soundtrack to the film of the same name from the super furry frontman.

Although recorded around the same time as Gruff’s last LP (2014’s hugely acclaimed 'American Interior'), 'Set Fire To The Stars' paints a very different picture to that of the Welsh explorer John Evans. Equal parts cocktail jazz, hazy Americana and Atomic Age bop, it’s a love letter to New York in all its hopeful, post war glory – a gorgeous diversion of a record to add to Gruff’s increasingly brilliant solo catalogue. "musically, it’s quite possibly the most satisfying thing he’s produced yet as a solo artist and one of the most captivating things heard all year." - the arts desk

Set Fire To The Stars


  1. John Malcolm Brinnin
  2. Set Fire to the Stars
  3. After Hours/Panic
  4. Tremble (Down)
  5. Tremble to the Light
  6. Tremble (Up)
  7. After Hours/Tension
  8. Log Cabin 1
  9. Log Cabin 2
  10. Log Cabin 3
  11. John Adoring At Yale
  12. Set Fire to the Strings
  13. After Hours/Tender
  14. John & The Poem
  15. B Chop Shop
  16. Atom Bomb
  17. After Hours/Contentment
  18. Ticking Clock
  19. Military Madness
  20. Caitlin’s Theme
  21. Tremble (Joy)
  22. Dylan’s Demons
  23. It Was Hot That Summer