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Released: 4th Nov 2016


2LP + download

Released: 4th Nov 2016


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A subtle, gentle and surprising record where Kurt’s voice is more processed instrument than Nashville crooner.

Having successfully explored electronics on his HeCTA side project, he’s taken the Lambchop sound into exciting new terrains, inspired by current hip hop and electronica productions by artists such as Shabazz Palaces. Nestling in 2016 alongside Bon Iver’s auto-tuned fragility or Paul Simon’s new textures and rhythms, ‘Flotus’ paints detailed musical miniatures within dramatic landscapes. The stylistic sound of Lambchop is thriving but it’s made out of pieces unheard of before. Be carried away by this quiet and beautiful masterpiece.



  1. In Care Of 8675309
  2. Directions to the Can
  3. Flotus
  4. JFK
  5. Howe
  6. Old Masters
  7. Relatives #2
  8. Harbour Country
  9. Writer
  10. NIV
  11. The Hustle