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danny brown

Atrocity Exhibition



Released: 30th Sep 2016


2lp + download

Released: 28th Oct 2016


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an urgent mix of grime, techno, house and outkast-style southern hip-hop from the detroit native and reigning ambassador of psychotropic outsider rap.

The album is a fresh and bold take on Brown’s ruminations on life and the changes that have occurred -and those that didn't -following the ups and downs of career success. it’s a sonic prism, with intricate use of story-telling and wordplay, showcasing his truly unique art form and pushing him past the boundaries of rap. "He is unmatchable in flow, delivery, and voice. Danny Brown has all the tools to be the greatest working rapper." - pitchfork

Atrocity Exhibition


  1. Downward Spiral
  2. Tell Me What I Don't Know
  3. Rolling Stone (featuring Petite Noir)
  4. Really Doe (featuring Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
  5. Lost
  6. Ain't It Funny
  7. Goldust
  8. White Lines
  9. Pneumonia
  10. Dance In The Water
  11. From The Ground (featuring Kelela)
  12. When It Rain
  13. Today
  14. Get Hi (featuring B-Real)
  15. Hell For It