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lorelle meets the obsolete


Sonic Cathedral


Released: 16th Sep 2016


lp + download

Released: 16th Sep 2016


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the Mexican duo's 4th album blows away the layers of dusty psych from their previous album, 'chambers', to reveal a sparse & spare sound, embellished with new wave keyboards that wouldn’t sound out of place on the early Magazine albums.

‘The Sound Of All Things’ is a mini-epic, opening with a two-&-a-half-minute soundscape, before roaring into life; ‘La Distinción’ is a driving drone-rocker, not dissimilar to ‘What’s Holding You?’ but with the addition of a surprisingly soulful chorus. the record recalls spacemen 3, whose sonic boom mixed the album. “It lives up to its name by achieving a balance between fuzz & clarity, nuance & throttle" - henry rollins.



  1. Balance
  2. It Must Be The Only Way
  3. Ching
  4. The Sound Of All Things
  5. Waves Over Shadows
  6. La Distinción
  7. Father’s Tears
  8. Waves Under Shadows
  9. Eco Echo