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Jason Sharp

A Boat Upon Its Blood



Released: 30th Sep 2016


LP + download

Released: 30th Sep 2016


despite being a fixture of Montréal's experimental/improv scene for many years, chiefly as a saxophonist exploring drone and durational music, this is sharp's first album-length recording to be released under his own name - it's a bracingly meditative multi-movement instrumental work that charts a highly compelling arc of shifting energies and intensities.

Using custom-built equipment to translate breath and heart rate into variegated sonic triggers, along with other modes of signal processing and in tandem with traditional instrumentation, the album features Sharp's own reed playing with contributions from a few guest musicians on pedal steel guitar, violin and various percussion. 'A Boat Upon Its Blood' is a genre-defying album with a highly immersive and satisfying sound palette that impels deep listening and demands to be taken in as a whole. for fans of colin stetson.

A Boat Upon Its Blood


  1. A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt. 1
  2. A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt. 2
  3. A Boat Upon Its Blood Pt. 3
  4. In The Construction Of The Chest, There Is A Heart
  5. A Blast At Best
  6. Still I Sit, With You Inside Me Pt. 1
  7. Still I Sit, With You Inside Me Pt. 2