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Jah Wobble

Dark Luminosity: The Expanded Edition

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Written in his own unmistakable voice and with a new afterword by the author, this is the frank and fascinating memoir by arguably the greatest bass player of h...
Jah Wobble

A Brief History Of Now

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Getting back in to the dub of things, Jah Wobble brightens up the low end throb permeating this post-punk rumble with a smattering of, dare we say it, hook-lade...
Jah Wobble

REDUX: anthology | 1981-2015

limited purple splatter 2lp - £33.99 | Buy
Spanning his solo years from the early 1980s until 2015, the selections run the gamut of Jah Wobble’s many musical styles – dub, folk, reggae, world...
Jah Wobble

Thames Symphony

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Music that jah composed during and after walks by the Thames.
Jah Wobble

The Bus Routes of South London

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'The Bus Routes Of South London', was written by former PiL bassist Jah Wobble as he travelled on buses through the streets of South London going to, th...
Jah Wobble


4cd - £31.99 | Pre Order
A four-disc anthology of highlights from this century – a period now spanning half of Jah Wobble ’s career and yet somehow overlooked.
In Dub
  1. Cleopatra King Size
  2. I'd Love To Take You Away
  3. I'd Love To Take You Away (Dub Version)
  4. Orion
  5. Metamorphosis (Burnt Umber Dub)
  6. Blacksmith
  7. Blacksmith Dub
  8. Club Scene Dub
  9. Kojak Dub
  10. On The Right Road
  11. On The Right Road Dub
  12. Symphony Of Palms
  13. Forest Funk Dub
  14. Dragon And Phoenix
  15. Dragon And Phoenix Dub
  16. Universal Dub
  17. Invaders Of The Heart
  18. Shinto Dub
  19. Last Days
  20. Last Days Dub
  21. L1 Dub
  22. Nice Cop : Nasty Cop
  23. Forest Gate Dub
  24. The Way I Feel (Alias Sweetest Feeling)(New Mix)
  25. Lam Saravane
  26. Lam Saravane Dub
  27. Alam Dub
  28. Night
  29. Appearance And Thing-In-Itself
  30. I Remember That Time
  31. I Remember That Time (Dub Mix)
  32. Inspector Out Of Space (Youth Inner Space Dub)
  33. Once Upon A Time In The East
  34. Tyger Tyger

Jah Wobble

In Dub

30 Hertz
  • 2CD

    Released: 23rd Sep 2016


Following the critical acclaim afforded to 2015’s 6CD box set 'Redux', 'In Dub' is an affordable entrée to one aspect of the prolific bassist's music, a style with which he is most commonly associated & yet is somehow difficult to define.

Compiled & annotated by Wobble, 'In Dub' picks up where 'Redux' left off, sampling his 30 Hertz catalogue from the mid-1990s onwards while also dipping back into his 80s solo work. 'In Dub' also boasts 4 brand new recordings. ‘Metamorphosis (Burnt Umber Youth Dub)’ & ‘Inspector Out Of Space (Youth Inner Space Dub)’ are taken from Wobble’s new album with legendary producer Youth, 'Everything Is Nothing' while ‘Forest Funk Dub’ & ‘Forest Gate Dub’ are brand new tracks, also recorded by the new-look Invaders Of The Heart.