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Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth-Disco 80-84

Cultures Of Soul


Released: 30th Sep 2016



Released: 30th Sep 2016


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a deeply groovy, funky affair with every track designed to take disco out of your head and into your feet.

‘boogie breakdown’ serves up two tracks apiece from six seminal acts from the era - harari, the cannibals, neville nash, benjamin ball, don laka and al etto – to offer a glimpse into this long-forgotten era in african music history. a period of true innovation and new possibilities – as well as isolation and political instability – the early 80s in south africa saw the emergence of numerous talented, innovative artists, whose efforts soon gave rise to the big-selling ‘bubblegum’ sound of the mid-80s.

Boogie Breakdown: South African Synth-Disco 80-84


  1. Cannibals - Hey Tonight
  2. Cannibals - We Keep On Keeping On
  3. Harari – Party
  4. Harari - Good Vibes
  5. Don Laka - I Wanna Be Myself
  6. Don Laka - Let's Move the Night
  7. Neville Nash – Breakdown
  8. Neville Nash - Perfect Love
  9. Benjamin Ball - Flash A Flashlight
  10. Benjamin Ball - I Just Keep Dancing
  11. Al Etto - You've Got the Love
  12. Al Etto - Hold On to Love