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Tender Buttons

lp + download - £28.99 | Buy
  1. The State (I’m In)
  2. Sister Green Eyes
  3. In Madrid
  4. Rainbow Lollipop
  5. Endless Ocean
  6. Looking For You
  7. Rushing Through My Mind
  8. Circular Motion
  9. Where I’m Going
  10. Imagine You

Josefin ohrn + the Liberation


rocket records
  • clear green LP + download

    Released: 12th Dec 2016


Seductive Swedish space-psych splendour - We challenge you not to get sucked into their swirling, intoxicating, transcendental aural trips.

Last year’s ‘Horse Dance’ set the scene perfectly & was a massive shop favourite but this year’s swift follow up, ramps it all up a few notches. ‘Mirage’ sees the band sculpting sprawling, hypnotic jams into elegant nocturnal serenades through tribal rhythms, insistent drums, hazy melodies, fuzzy guitars & perfectly paced & structured songs (with a beginning, middle & end that the psych world so often shies away from). The musical lineage extends all the way from Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy to Broadcast and Portishead via Spacemen3 and Suicide and the quintet mesh these influences with a hypnagogic allure that draw us into a dark, warped dreamland.