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Club Soul

Northern Soul Weekender



Released: 4th Nov 2016


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To celebrate the birthday of the legendary Wigan Casino, this is Club Soul’s comeback, featuring an all-star line up of fabled artists and iconic tracks culled from the playlist of the world's most famous soul club by Mr Northern Soul himself - Russ Winstanley.

A brilliant collection of 27 hot tracks guaranteed to get your feet moving!

Northern Soul Weekender


  1. Sidney Barnes "I Hurt On The Other Side"
  2. The Ad Libs "You'll Always Be In Style"
  3. The Mayfield Singers "Don't Start None" (cd only)
  4. Willie Parker "I've Got To Fight It" (cd only)
  5. The Sharpees "Take Me To Your Leader" (cd only)
  6. Charles Lamont "I've Got To Keep Movin'" (cd only)
  7. Big Daddy Rogers "I'm A Big Man"
  8. Ann Sexton "I Still Love You"
  9. Joe Tex "Under Your Powerful Love"
  10. Loletta Holloway "Mother Of Shame" (cd only)
  11. The Ohio Players "Love Slipped Thru My Fingers"
  12. Sir Joe "Nobody Beats My Love" (cd only)
  13. Sam Dees "Lonely For You, Baby"
  14. Ruby Andrews "Just Loving You"
  15. Rita & The Tiaras "Gone With The Wind Is My Love"
  16. The Valentines "Breakaway"
  17. Big John Hamilton "Go Ahead On"(cd only)
  18. Little Richie "Just Another Heartache"
  19. Pat Brown "The Good Got To Suffer For The Bad" (cd only)
  20. Jerry Williams "If You Ask Me ( Because I Love You )"
  21. P.P. Arnold "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"
  22. Marion Sodd "Permanent Vacation" (cd only)
  23. Joseph Moore "I Still Can't Get You" (cd only)
  24. Ellie Greenwich "Baby"
  25. The Ringleaders "Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love"
  26. Donna King "Take Me Home" (cd only)
  27. Ruby Winters "Better"