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Fujiya & Miyagi



12" ep

Released: 28th Oct 2016


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they’ve done it again – another solid and completely brilliant slab of  punchy, krautrock driven nuggets that we can’t get enough of.

it’s littered with thematic ruminations on scepticism, privilege, repetition, getting older, human beings place and significance in the world, and even the works of JG Ballard. Despite a mild undercurrent of bleakness and higher questioning, this EP finds the group in a very live band mode and, as ever, traversing the lines between disco and rock in their own completely inimitable way.

*** this is the second EP in a series of 3 and can be slotted into the triple gatefold cover of ‘ep1’ ***



  1. Outstripping (The Speed Of Light)
  2. R.S.I
  3. Swoon
  4. Extended Dance Mix