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sacred bones


Released: 11th Nov 2016


LP w/ poster + download

Released: 11th Nov 2016


hhhelllll yes (with particular emphasis on ‘hell’) sacred bones follow up their genre-creating deathrock compilation with a second volume of dark, thrilling and forgotten punk-rock.

After the initial blast of punk rock bands made their impression on the youth of the late 1970s, subgenres quickly emerged. Looking back among and between these genres we now recognize various blends of punk, post-punk, goth rock, industrial, and DIY as “deathrock.” The thread that holds these groups together as deathrock bands comes down to their willingness and sometimes compulsion to reveal and explore the darker side of their psyches - Night-soaked dirges of fatality, despair, and horror are the m.o. That isn’t to say these songs aren’t loads of fun, and this is a carefully thought out sequence of songs making an incredible listen, bringing together underground bands from Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, California, and Colorado. “Sacred Bones have outdone themselves… 'Killed By Deathrock' is clearly a well-researched labour of love” - pitchfork



  1. Gatecrashers: Spectator
  2. Middle Class: A Skeleton at the Feast
  3. ADS: Waiting for the War
  4. Veda: Whiplash
  5. Skeletal Family: Promised Land
  6. Flowers for Agatha: The Freedom Curse
  7. Red Temple Spirits: Dark Spirits
  8. Crank Call Love Affair: What’s Wrong Yvette
  9. Red Zebra: I Can’t Live in a Living Room
  10. Vita Noctis: Hade