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Strike A Match

Rock Action


Released: 27th Jan 2017


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Released: 27th Jan 2017


Impossible not to be charmed by this glasgow/london duo, their afro-pop rhythms and clean, trebly guitar figures whisking us away to more tropical climes.

how the minds of these urban dwellers came up with such infectious, escapist tuneage beggars belief – presumably through listening to lots of the raincoats and imaging really really hard. It’s the happiest sound you’ll hear in the shop all winter, and will appeal to fans of vampire weekend, fair-ohs, and the Scottish indie-pop scene. A refreshing debut album laced with energy and ideas...the grandest document from Sacred Paws yet, their most confident, outward, lucid, engaging statement” 8/10 - clash

Strike A Match


  1. Nothing
  2. Rest
  3. Everyday
  4. Empty Body
  5. Wet Graffiti
  6. Strike a Match
  7. Stars
  8. Ride
  9. Voice
  10. Getting Old