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A Tribe Called Quest

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Released: 25th Nov 2016



Released: 6th Jan 2017


for a legendary artist out-of-the-game for years to make a comeback album that doesn’t compromise their original body of work is one thing – to come back with new music so contemporary-sounding and among their best work is something else again.

There’s also Tribe’s reputation as innovators to consider: While they were pioneers for, among other things, integrating hip-hop and jazz in the early ’90s, today’s rap is so diverse that it seemed like the best Tribe could hope for was an album that longtime fans would embrace, but excite few younger listeners unfamiliar with the group. As it turns out, what we have is a triumphant defying of such expectations.  “A Tribe Called Quest’s sixth (and final) album was a rumor for 18 years. It’s here, and against many odds, it reinvigorates the group’s discography without resting on nostalgia” 9.0 - pitchfork

we got it from here… thank you 4 your service


  1. The Space Program
  2. We The People…
  3. Whateva Will Be
  4. Solid Wall Of Sound
  5. Dis Generation
  6. Kids...
  7. Melatonin
  8. Enough!!
  9. Mobius
  10. Black Spasmodic
  11. The Killing Season
  12. Lost Somebody
  13. Movin Backwards
  14. Conrad Tokyo
  15. Ego
  16. The Donald