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the colorist & emiliana torrini


Rough Trade Records


Released: 9th Dec 2016


LP in die cut sleeve with inserts + CD

Released: 3rd Feb 2017


this beautifully captured live album is a fascinating and fantastic collaboration between the Icelandic artist and innovative Belgium ensemble.

The Colorist Orchestra re-envision the repertoires of established musicians from across genres using traditional classical instruments and arrangements, along with a variety of their own musical inventions to contribute innovative, never-before-heard sounds and grooves to their compositions. The group have created a new world out of torrini’s music, her talent elevating the Colorist ensemble’s creativity, the group helping her rediscover the joy and the power within her own songs in this new light. a magical listening experience. a high recommendation for fans of bjork, julia holter, and Feist. “ Ms. Torrini’s voice is warm and whispery and appealingly unpredictable: she knows when to flatten the melody with a half spoke phrase and when to carry it up and away.” - new york times “A fascinating, captivating record... that may challenge but that also comes with a huge pay-off." – the music





  1. Caterpillar
  2. Blood Red
  3. Serenade
  4. When We Dance
  5. Speed Of Dark
  6. Nightfall
  7. Today Has Been OK
  8. jungle Drum
  9. Thinking Out Loud
  10. Gun
  11. Bleeder