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lucifer rising (original soundtrack)

bobby beausoleil



Released: 23rd Dec 2016


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this soundtrack and has a complicated, drawn out origin story that adds intrigue to the outsider magic of the music it prefaces.

bobby beausoleil part-recorded the music whilst serving a life-sentence for murder, guerilla recording synths, guitars and vocals using whatever he and the other inmates happened to find at their disposal, after being given permission to do so by the institution holding them. there’s far more to that than can be written here, but also a whole world to be discovered in this peculiar take on psychedelic prog-rock, remastered and available on a single vinyl release for the first time in many years. “Lucifer Rising is far too beautiful to be labeled as hard rock, far too focused to be written off as meandering prog, and too full of merit to be judged solely on the heteroclite life of its composer” 9/10 – all music

bobby beausoleil