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Released: 27th Jan 2017


LP + download

Released: 27th Jan 2017


this is a debut album that follows the template of all great punk records - just shy of half an hour, but loaded with 16 tracks of intense, unrelenting punk.

WHITE DOG make music that has been pushed to the brink, but refuses to die. Taking cues from Black Flag, Cosmic Psychos, Venom P. Stinger and Sick Things, early US Crossover Hardcore ala COC/DRI, 'SYDNEY LIMITS' explodes with deranged energy, seething with an anger that comes from their attitude to the forced nihilism of Sydney living: "A cesspit of high costs and low value. Lose the bullshit, replace it with WHITE DOG".



  1. Sydney Limits
  2. Neck Up
  3. Beyond Repair
  4. Unproven
  5. Downhill
  6. Hard For You
  7. Turnip
  8. These People
  9. Black & White
  10. No Good
  11. Pound for Pound
  12. Pike
  13. Whipping Boy
  14. Gutless Wonder
  15. Xman
  16. Locked Out