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AFI (The Blood Album)

caroline international


Released: 20th Jan 2017



Released: 20th Jan 2017


the band’s 10th full-length studio album is a real crowd-pleaser – full of the kind of anthems they have come to known for.

their first for Concord Records was Recorded at Megawatt Studios in Los Angeles and produced by Jade Puget and Matt Hyde (Deftones) and is the follow-up to 2013’s Burials. “You better get ready to start your "Best Albums of 2017" list--a serious contender has arrived.” 10/10 - kerrang

AFI (The Blood Album)


  1. Dark Snow
  2. Still a Stranger
  3. Aurelia
  4. Hidden Knives
  5. Get Hurt
  6. Above the Bridge
  7. So Beneath You
  8. Snow Cats
  9. Dumb Kids
  10. Pink Eyes
  11. Feed from the Floor
  12. White Offerings
  13. She Speaks the Language
  14. The Wind That Carries Me Away