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Molly Burch

Please Be Mine



Released: 17th Feb 2017


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Released: 17th Feb 2017


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this is loveable debut album of wistful, sun-dappled love songs of loss, loneliness and reconnecting, which fans of angel olsen and Julia jacklin will go weak at the knees for.

Burch brings a certain Los Angeles/California flavour to these songs, and though not direct influences, her childhood spent listening to Patsy Cline, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone also informs her music. Not least in her fabulous voice – smoky, with glorious range and subtle timbre. Motivated by the hourly rate at the studio where these tracks were laid down, Burch and her band recorded all the basic tracks and vocals live in one room and in one day, with minimal overdubs. A difficult task for any talented musician, it becomes all the more impressive you hear her belt it out on tracks like ‘Downhearted’ and ‘I Love You Still’. Indeed, one of the most enjoyable things about this album is that sense of the room, a lack of sanitising polish, and the presence of a vocal performance as easy, natural, and affecting as can be. “breathy and dripping with emotion, or soaring through the clouds, she has a voice for the ages, and uses it throughout to devastating effect. A new star has been born.” 9/10 – loud and quiet

Please Be Mine


  1. Downhearted
  2. Wrong For You
  3. Please Forgive Me
  4. Try
  5. Loneliest Heart
  6. Torn To Pieces
  7. Fool
  8. Not Today
  9. Please Be Mine
  10. I Love You Still