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mac demarco

this old dog



Released: 5th May 2017


LP + download

Released: 5th May 2017


limited indies red lp + download

Released: 5th May 2017


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like a holiday to a gloriously sun-soaked locale, demarco washes all our cares away with serene acoustic guitar in hand and that dulcet voice of his.

right off the bat, from the pops and clicks of the CR-78 and acoustic strums on the album-opener ‘My Old Man’, the synth-drenched beauty of the second track, ‘This Old Dog’, and that ironic recurring word itself, it’s clear that his bag is filled with new tricks indeed. the record is rooted more in a synth-base than any of his previous releases, but he is careful not to let that tactic overshadow the other instruments and overall “unplugged” mood of the work.

Alex recommends: “A consistently charming, bittersweet gem - Pure morphine”

Kurtis recommends: "endearing and honest, all while moving at its own pace"



this old dog


  1. My Old Man
  2. This Old Dog
  3. Baby You’re Out
  4. For The First Time
  5. One Another
  6. Still Beating
  7. Sister
  8. Dreams From Yesterday
  9. A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
  10. One More Love Song
  11. On The Level
  12. Moonlight on the River
  13. Watching Him Fade Away