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Depeche Mode




Released: 17th Mar 2017


deluxe 2cd

Released: 17th Mar 2017


gatefold 2lp with etched side D + download

Released: 17th Mar 2017

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somehow, after all these years, this lot still seem to be ahead of the pack – this gloriously well produced and perfectly balanced record is testament to the power of gahan and co.

bolstered by simian mobile disco polymath james ford’s crystalline production, they’ve managed to create something that recalls their glory days yet somehow remains timeless. the lead single ‘where’s the revolution’ got us all excited and we can confirm that the album in all its glory is something remarkably special. "their best since 1993’s “Songs of Faith and Devotion”’ 8/10 – line of best fit.



  1. Going Backwards
  2. Where's The Revolution
  3. The Worst Crime
  4. Scum
  5. You Move
  6. Cover Me
  7. Eternal
  8. Poison Heart
  9. So Much Love
  10. Poorman
  11. No More (This Is The Last Time)
  12. Fail
  13. Cover Me (Alt Out) (deluxe 2cd only)
  14. Scum (Frenetic Mix) (deluxe 2cd only)
  15. Poison Heart (Tripped Mix) (deluxe 2cd only)
  16. Fail (Cinematic Cut) (deluxe 2cd only)
  17. So Much Love (Machine Mix) (deluxe 2cd only)