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Released: 24th Feb 2017


An album about being in love with pure solitude, STILL // ALONE is separated into two distinct sides.

record one, STILL, is a hypnotic meditation for the nightclub. Wavy patterns of sound and light bounce off of Penelope’s literary vocal bursts, layered over the ominous deep synths and arpeggiators, held together only by a strict 4/4 beat. The rhythm, ironically forcing the body to move, however internally focused and mindful, still. Record two, ALONE, takes the club offline and into the fringes of raw, odd pop. Ever-prominent drum machine beats rule, while love and loss permeate the four atmospheric goth songs. Music for dancing alone. After relocating to London and playing shows around Europe for a year and a half, self-imposed pariahs Penelope Trappes and Stephen Hindman delved into creating a two-sided existential opus by renting out old studio spaces around the UK and using mostly analog 80's instruments, machines and effects. 



  1. We Are The Music Playtime: 00:06:20
  2. Vibrational Playtime: 00:05:38
  3. Now We Get Lost Playtime: 00:05:24
  4. Nine Playtime: 00:05:06
  5. // Playtime: 00:01:57
  6. Questions Playtime: 00:03:05
  7. Dust Playtime: 00:04:09
  8. There Is No Love Between Us Playtime: 00:04:02
  9. Rivers Playtime: 00:04:18