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alexis taylor



LP + download

Released: 3rd Mar 2017


featuring the work of 11 of the hot chip frontman’s favourite musicians, handpicked to create new tracks designed to work in response to the songs on ‘Piano’ when played synchronously – it’s a really cool concept that’s highly rewarding to listen to.

this features new versions by artists including Papa M (David Pajo), Green Gartside (Scritti Politti), Spring Heel Jack, Beatrice Dillon, Brian DeGraw (Gang Gang Dance. Though the record can be synched with the original Piano recordings by playing both albums on 2 devices simultaneously, the tracks can be also be enjoyed as original songs on their own merits. Alexis explains, “The results are truly amazing, and here you have a new album that works both as a kind of electro-acoustic ambient companion piece to Piano, and as a series of musical clothes to be put onto the deliberately bare record I released.”



  2. I’m Ready (Lung Dart Version)
  3. So Much Further To Go (Mammalien Version)
  4. Crying In The Chapel (Beatrice Dillon Version)
  5. Without Your Name (Susumu Mukai Version)
  6. In The Light Of The Room (Betsy Taylor Version)
  7. Lonely Vagabond (Rupert Clervaux Version)
  8. Repair Man (Green Gartside Version)
  9. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue (Spring Heel Jack Hackney Rd Dub)
  10. I Never Lock That Door (Jennifer Herrema Version - The Key)
  11. Just For A Little While (Papa M Version)
  12. Don’t Worry (Brian DeGraw Version)