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european song

bureau b


Released: 7th Apr 2017


limited gold lp + cd

Released: 7th Apr 2017


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the slack drop-tuned bass sounds hail the doom-y theme that the album insists upon through its relentless, urgently scurrying tracks – it’s simultaneously unsettling and fascinating.

In their 23 years of existence, they have often made music that might be described as "dystopian". The songs were captured live in the studio as spontaneous improvisational takes. The mixes add cohesion and impact without smoothing off the rough edges of the session. The band is audibly unified In purpose And that unity brings out their best work. The stringent drumming of Thomas Klein meshes with Detlef Weinrich's edgy electronic sequences, the brutalist opulence of Andreas Reihse's synthetic soundscapes are complemented by Alexander Paulick's restrained flourishes and rhythmic guitar and bass work. The hallmark interplay between man and machine results from a combination of collective experience and blind trust in the moment.

european song