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the great annihilator (remastered)



Released: 5th May 2017


originally released in 1995, this phenomenal album has been completely remastered, giving it the quality it deserves & completely breaking down the barriers between the music & the listener’s ear.

This was described at the time as "a majestic symphony of haunting melodies and shifting moods” - SF Bay Guardian. Talking about the recording, Gira said “I lived in a tent in a mosquito infested studio right next to Cabrini Green in Chicago for what (?) something like 3 months, rarely leaving. Band members and Jarboe and Bill Rieflin etc came and went, and somehow we crafted this thing into what it became.” The Great Annihilator line-up features: Michael Gira, Jarboe, Bill Rieflin, & Algis.

the great annihilator (remastered)


  1. lp In
  2. I Am The Sun
  3. She Lives
  4. Celebrity Lifestyle
  5. Mother_Father
  6. Blood Promise
  7. Mind/Body/Light/Sound
  8. My Buried Child
  9. Warm
  10. Alcohol The Seed
  11. Killing For Company
  12. Mother's Milk
  13. Where Does A Body End?
  14. Telepathy
  15. The Great Annihilator
  16. Out
  17. Cd1 In
  18. I Am The Sun
  19. She Lives
  20. Celebrity Lifestyle
  21. Mother_Father
  22. Blood Promise
  23. Mind/Body/Light/Sound
  24. My Buried Child
  25. Warm
  26. Alcohol The Seed
  27. Killing For Company
  28. Mother's Milk
  29. Where Does A Body End?
  30. Telepathy
  31. The Great Annihilator
  32. Out
  33. I Am The Sun (Live At The Flesh Club
  34. Cd2 You See Through Me
  35. Where Does Your Body Begin?
  36. I See Them All Lined Up
  37. Unreal
  38. Fan Letter
  39. Your Naked Body
  40. Low Life Form
  41. If You…
  42. Why I Ate My Wife
  43. Blind