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Black Honey

somebody better

foxfive records

limited CD

Released: 16th Jun 2017


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opaque orange 7"

Released: 28th Apr 2017


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they have an astounding ear for melody that burrows directly into your brain and stays there for life – propulsive shoegaze-tinted feel-good rock led by the catchiest vocals you can get.

the Brighton four-piece fronted by Izzy B. Phillips step up to the mark with a brilliantly bold statement of intent for 2017 - a festival-ready gleaming pop-rock meteor that’s headed straight for you. “I made a pretty big mess of things, and I guess this is me trying to make a good thing of a bad situation. Its feels like sub consciously you will always self-sabotage and only ever hurt the people closest to you. It’s a reflection on the pain I caused as well as confronting myself. I cant live in regret and I only learn things the hard way.” Izzy.


somebody better


  1. Somebody Better
  2. Cadillac