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the physics house band

Mercury Fountain

Small Pond Records


Released: 21st Apr 2017



Released: 21st Apr 2017


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Fergus recommends: “This record kept me on my toes constantly, hurtling along one moment, then slowing down just long enough for me to take in the enormity of it all before everything crashes back into motion”

a whirling, proggy and tremendously exciting set full of boundless energy and dense sci-fi synths – this lot will please everyone from soft machine diehards to mars volta fans.

loud, abrasive and unapologetic in its approach and execution, this record is a cacophonous explosion that’s impossible to ignore. “surely one of the greatest albums of 2017… a twenty nine minute surge of tracks that it would be a crime to split apart. It’s a two black Americano experience that makes me wish I still had pin-sharp hearing to lose” - Stewart Lee.


Mercury Fountain


  1. Mobius Strip
  2. Calypso
  3. Holy Caves
  4. Surrogate Head
  5. A Thousand Small Spaces
  6. Obidant
  7. Improlex
  8. The Astral Waves
  9. Mobius Strip II