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Inherit The Earth



Released: 7th Apr 2017


lp + download

Released: 7th Apr 2017


a patchwork quilt of surreal, soulful pop-tronica that offers something new to the ear on every listen.

these cuts are similar in vibe to the hyper-pop of 2014's ‘Coolest’ EP - happier, forest-y, more "plinky-plonky". Which isn't to say the album is bereft of lyrics or even lighter moments. ‘Gold’ plays like a trippy merger of Y2K pop and contemporary alt-R&B thanks, in part, to vocal and production contributions from Hairy Hands and Peter Lyons. on Album ender ‘Earth Is Gone Sorry’, Lum's soulful voice and the shimmering interstellar textures imply the universe may be better off without our planet making a mess of things. And for all of the slasher-flick effects of ‘Very Serious Puzzle’ and speaker-blowing bass of ‘Infinite Wave’, there is also the thick, glorious funk of ‘Time 2 Let It Go’ and silly digitised brass of ‘Feeding Time’.


Inherit The Earth


  1. The Right Person To Talk To
  2. Stupid Earth
  3. Infinite Wave
  4. Levitating Above My Own Useless Body
  5. Gold (ft. Hairy Hands & Peter Lyons)
  6. Very Serious Puzzle
  7. Time 2 Let It Go
  8. A Thousand Tiny Hands
  9. Perfect Earth
  10. Feeding Time
  11. Virtuous Circle
  12. Earth Is Gone Sorry (ft. Lum)