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record store day exclusive 2017 - clear 12" EP + download

Released: 22nd Apr 2017


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this is a record store day 2017 release. Stock will be available in store on a 1st come 1st served basis, strictly 1 per customer. Any remaining stock will be made available online at 12.00am Saturday 29th april.

After it’s surprise release via Bandcamp, receiving rave reviews from Pitchfork, Fact, Stereogum etc.

Gold Panda’s Kingdom EP became an instant classic and favorite amongst Gold Panda fans. “Kingdom” is a musical study loosely based on a story about his Afghan neighbor and feeling uncomfortable in a society that seems to be changing for the worse. The EP will be released on vinyl first time ever on clear vinyl with EP download code and is limited to 750 units worldwide. Says Derwin Dicker (Gold Panda), “I made it after talking to a neighbor who moved his family from Afghanistan to the UK. He ordered a phone off Amazon so he could call home, but the delivery driver signed for it and kept it. I thought this was a pretty shitty welcome to country. I made a couple of less happy songs that are very, very loosely based around that and my referendum fears, which were sadly confirmed.” TRACKLISTING: A1. A Welcome A2. Mediaevil A3. Stolen Phone B4. Blown (out) B5. Eurotunnel