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love is love



Released: 12th May 2017


black lp + download

Released: 12th May 2017


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By now a folk-psych-pop institution, here woods again do something new by engaging in the new, unignorable realities of the political & the personal in contemporary america.

Jeremy Earl’s sun-baked songwriting evokes 60s hippy utopianism in its reach for universal themes & again showcases his increasing knack for memorable pop songs. There’s also a pleasing return to the mid-album experiments in long-form experimental jams that has anchored most of their previous full-lengths. This is an recording invigorated by a feeling of spontaneity, & - like all woods albums - reveals itself to have a timeless quality on repeated listens. The sense that they are celebrating both the psychedelic traditions of the byrds & the political tradition of early dylan is stronger than ever, on this their 10th album in about as many years. fans of the recent real estate or lemon twigs albums will love this! “gradually these 6 songs accumulate power from their stubbornly sunny defiance" 4/5 - the guardian, “expanding from sylvan drum circles into increasingly elaborate, transcendent psychedelia” - pitchfork

love is love


  1. Love Is Love
  2. Bleeding Blue
  3. Lost In A Crowd
  4. Spring Is In The Air
  5. Hit That Drum
  6. Love Is Love (Sun On Time)