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Daniel O’Sullivan (grumbling fur)


o genesis


Released: 30th Jun 2017


dark clear green 2lp

Released: 30th Jun 2017


this solo album from the furry grumbler consists of luminous pop incantations, electroacoustic music & shimmering drones that set a magical scene for us to enjoy.

Whether solo or in his varied collaborative projects, O’Sullivan’s work is remarkable in the way it infuses familiar everyday experience with traces of the uncanny, the secret & the magickal. VELD distils these tangled realities into a wonderfully rich & complex record — one of O’Sullivan’s most immediate & moving pop albums to date, yet one that's strikingly dense & allusive, alive with enticing sonic diversions, hypnotic mantras & eerie biomechanical rhythms. While grounded in pop music — which O’Sullivan describes as the ideal vessel for channelling more celestial energies — its dreamlike soundworld draws inspiration from across both natural & human landscapes. “a luxuriant mix of spellbinding beauty, literary allusion & experimental sonics” 8/10 – uncut.




  1. The Pendulum
  2. Scorpio Rising Blues
  3. The Swimmer
  4. The Many We Are
  5. Doe A Deer
  6. Hc Svnt Dracones
  7. Apocryphonium
  8. Luminous Fibres
  9. Sabotage Devices
  10. Be Honour You
  11. The Projector
  12. Preludium
  13. Plutonians
  14. Plants I-Vii