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bonnie "prince" billy

best troubadour

Domino Records


Released: 5th May 2017


2lp + download

Released: 5th May 2017


Dedicated to new life and old, this is wistful and bittersweet without lament - just a beautiful and intimate tribute to the triumph of a life spent in unending pursuit of new and expressive music.

here, Bonnie Prince Billy pays homage to a long-time and forever hero, Merle Haggard. The goal was to participate in the handing forward of the songs of a living legend, as Merle had done so many times in his own career. Bonny chose personal favourites, as he flips through merle’s song book, landing on pages unmoored from their time and located anew. Moving from 1978 to 1969 to 2003 to 1981 allows the album to circle Haggard's music in a simulation of thought and memory, slipping around from spot to spot as if they were discrete impressions, unknown but knowable yet.


best troubadour


  1. The Fugitive
  2. I'm Always On a Mountain When I Fall
  3. The Day the Rains Came
  4. Haggard (Like I've Never Been Before)
  5. I Always Get Lucky With You
  6. Leonard
  7. My Old Pal
  8. Roses In the Winter
  9. Some Of Us Fly
  10. Wouldn't That Be Something
  11. Pray
  12. That's the Way Love Goes
  13. Nobody's Darling
  14. What I Hate (excerpt)
  15. I Am What I Am If I Could Only Fly