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Max Richter

Infra (2017 reissue)



Released: 30th Jun 2017


heavyweight lp + download

Released: 30th Jun 2017


Scored for piano, electronics, and string quartet, ‘Infra’ is an expansion of a 25-minute piece Richter wrote for a collaboration with choreographer Wayne McGregor and visual artist Julian Opie.

The original ballet was a response to the London bombings on 7/7. It is classic Richter and it will crush you. “’Infra’ works as an enveloping and moving work even absent any knowledge of its beginnings. Others may glean different feelings from it than I do, but that is part of the point. Even if it conjures nothing of the night for you, it is some of Richter's very best work. And if you've ever cared about his music, it will make you feel something.” 8.3 - pitchfork

Infra (2017 reissue)


  1. Infra 1
  2. Journey 1
  3. Infra 2
  4. Infra 3
  5. Journey 2
  6. Infra 4
  7. Journey 3
  8. Journey 4
  9. Journey 5
  10. Infra 5
  11. Infra 6
  12. Infra 7
  13. Infra 8