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Released: 26th May 2017


limited gatefold 2lp

Released: 26th May 2017


a striking record woven out of eerie neon textures and strong, booming synth beats – it’s a immensely engrossing listen.

After 10 long years hidden away in the hills huddled in the Bola machine - at long last the IDM veteran Darrell Fitton awakens, delivering an album of power, elegance and beauty. If you've not explored the work of Bola before but are partial to a bit of Boards Of Canada or Plaid, you'll want to get onto this amazing comeback record for sure.



  1. Fhorth
  2. Herzzatzz
  3. Avantual
  4. Evensong
  5. Landor 50X2
  6. Pelomen Vapour 1
  7. Pelomen Vapour 2
  8. Pelomen Vapour 3
  9. Kappafects
  10. maghellen