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The Journey Man



Released: 16th Jun 2017


22 years ago saw the release of the musical visionary's debut album ‘Timeless’, which truly changed the face of drum’n’bass, hardcore & jungle & got so many of us listening to a style of music which had previously been alien to us.

The seminal record featured the iconic track ‘Inner City Life’ - the vocals for which were performed by the late Diane Charlemagne. In 2011, The Guardian described the release of ‘Timeless’ as one of the "50 key events in the history of dance music". now the songwriter, DJ, producer, visual artist & actor Goldie (MBE) is back with a double album, all written & produced by himself. "strikes a neat balance between exploratory drum programming & sleek soul" 4/5 - uncut, "brilliantly, bloody-mindedly Goldie: a slew of deep d’n’b grooves offset by beatless lounge-blues arias & glamour-soaked jazz club noodlings" 8/10 - mixmag.

The Journey Man


  1. Disc: 1 Horizons feat. Swindle
  2. Prism
  3. Mountains
  4. Castaway
  5. The Mirrored River
  6. I Adore You feat. Natalie Williams (Goldie vs. Ulterior Motive)
  7. I Think of You
  8. Truth ft. José James
  9. Disc: 2 Redemption
  10. Tu Viens Avec Moi?
  11. The Ballad Celeste
  12. This Is Not A Love Song
  13. The River Mirrored
  14. Triangle
  15. Tomorrow’s Not Today
  16. Run Run Run
  17. Disc: 3 (3CD edition only) Natalie’s Truth (Instrumental)
  18. Horizon (Instrumental)
  19. Mountains (Instrumental)
  20. The Ballad Celeste (Instrumental)
  21. Castaway (Instrumental)
  22. I Adore You (Goldie vs. Ulterior Motive) (Instrumental)
  23. The Mirrored River (Instrumental)
  24. Truth (Instrumental)
  25. This Is Not A Love Song (Instrumental)
  26. Tomorrow’s Not Today (Instrumental)
  27. Run, Run, Run (Instrumental)
  28. Redemption (Instrumental)