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Kamikaze Girls


big scary monsters

12" + download

Released: 9th Jun 2017


Coming out of the UK’s burgeoning and ever-developing DIY/punk scene, Leeds-based duo Kamikaze Girls are here to bring you their incredible debut album.

Continuing from their critically acclaimed 'Sad EP', the band talk personally & candidly about the issues surrounding mental health, but also about moving forward in a more positive state of mind. Exploring wider musical influences from shoegaze, Riot Grrl & fuzz pop, the whole result is a triumphant, important record. A giant leap forward in quality & substance, that while tinged with personal sadness, is a bold statement of moving forwards & onto new horizons.



  1. One Young Man
  2. Berlin
  3. Teenage Feelings
  4. Good For Nothing
  5. KG Go To The Pub
  6. Lights & Sounds
  7. Deathcap
  8. Weaker Than
  9. Unhealthy Love
  10. I Don't Want To Be Sad Forever