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toro y moi

boo boo



Released: 7th Jul 2017


2lp + download

Released: 7th Jul 2017


limited blue & white marble 2lp & download

Released: 7th Jul 2017


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the chillwave pioneer injects space into his music, and rediscovers the magic touch that stole our hearts all those summers ago with equal parts wooze, funk, and pop.

he points to the inspiration of frank ocean, oneohtrix point never, and daft punk among others this time – but for our money these tunes sound like the great jai paul album that never was. catchy and addictive as hell - surely a contender for album of the summer.

boo boo


  1. Mirage
  2. No Show
  3. Mona Lisa
  4. Pavement
  5. Don't Try
  6. Windows
  7. Embarcadero
  8. Girl Like You
  9. You and I
  10. Labyrinth
  11. Inside My Head
  12. W.I.W.W.T.W.