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Art Feynman

Blast Off Through The Wicker

western vinyl


Released: 21st Jul 2017



Released: 14th Jul 2017


this Dub, Krautrock, and 70’s Highlife inspired debut is a tantalisingly mysterious bit of understated pop, the spectre of Arthur Russell seems to hover around its spacious compositions.

There is a calm discipline to be felt in everything Feynman does; krautrock slink, staccato bounce, and pentatonic bursts of Nigerian Highlife fuzz pour on the temporal canvas with unquestionable ease, never falling in the wrong place. “Blast Off…” is an endearing collection of songs that capture the ear with warm-yet-clear cassette aesthetics and spot-on musicianship, both of which form an angle that points lovingly to Feynman's deep and varied influences. “his open-ended psychedelic vision conjures simple, primal emotion.” – clash, “mad genius.” - Line of Best Fit

Blast Off Through The Wicker


  1. Eternity In Pictures 4:38
  2. Slow Down 3:08
  3. Cant Stand It 5:41
  4. Feeling Good About Feeling Good 7:40
  5. Two Minor 3:27
  6. Win Win 2:16
  7. Hot Night Jeremiah 7:25
  8. I Rain You Thunder 3:36
  9. Party Line 3:08
  10. Small House Blues 2:38