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Our Love To Admire (10th anniversary edition)


cd + dvd

Released: 18th Aug 2017


2lp + download

Released: 18th Aug 2017

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2lp + dvd + download

Released: 18th Aug 2017


the new yorkers’ third lp has been remastered and rebooted to commemorate its tenth birthday.

The LP and CD will debut a sparkling new edition of the original album, remastered for this release with all of its original packaging intact. Interpol formed in the late 1990s and quickly established a dense, intoxicating sound featuring layers of guitar, bass and synthesizers. The band came up through the vibrant New York scene, alongside such notable contemporaries as the Strokes and the National. The bonus DVD captures the band's 12-song performance at the London Astoria on July 2, 2007, including live versions of several songs from Our Love to Admire, along with such earlier Interpol favorites as "Narc," "Obstacle 1," "Public Pervert," "Evil" and NYC." "a majestic, grandiose, machine-tooled album, subtly orchestrated with gothic pianos and doomy organs." – uncut, The band have colonised the rich turf at the intersection of meticulously structured mope-rock and free-flowing three-chord pop, where moments of resignation cosy up alongside twinkling hopes for the future” 10/10 – playlouder

Our Love To Admire (10th anniversary edition)


2lp + cd

  1. Pioneer To The Falls
  2. No I In Threesome
  3. The Scale
  4. The Heinrich Maneuver
  5. Mammoth
  6. Pace Is The Trick
  7. All Fired Up
  8. Rest My Chemistry
  9. Who Do You Think
  10. Wrecking Ball
  11. The Lighthouse


  1. Pioneer To The Falls
  2. Narc
  3. Mammoth
  4. Rest My Chemistry
  5. Obstacle 1
  6. Public Pervert
  7. Hands Away
  8. The Heinrich Maneuver
  9. Evil
  10. Not Even Jail
  11. NYC
  12. Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down