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Dizzee Rascal

Boy In Da Corner (20th Anniversary Edition)

limited white / yellow / black 3lp - £37.99 | Pre Order
This 20th Anniversary 3LP release features instrumentals and never before heard rarities.
Dizzee Rascal


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  1. Focus
  2. Wot U Gonna Do
  3. Space
  4. I Ain’t Even Gonna Lie
  5. How Bad Do You Want It
  6. Make It Last
  7. Ghost
  8. Business Man
  9. Bop n Keep It Dippin
  10. She Knows What She Wants
  11. Dummy
  12. Everything Must Go
  13. Slow Your Roll
  14. Sicka Dis Shit
  15. Way I Am
  16. Man of the Hour

Dizzee Rascal


  • 2lp + download

    Released: 8th Sep 2017

    £23.99 £6.99

his machine gun rhymes have some of his best backing tracks to date, full of adrenaline pumping electronic hooks and hissing beats.

his 6th record teams precision-tooled beats from a stellar array of US producers (Valentino Khan, Cardo and Paul Salva among them) with the sound of Britain’s finest MC - bar none, in a field of his own, “rapping my arse off”. The result is a spiralling sub-bass vortex of introspective jeep-beats which takes the man Jeremy Paxman called Mr. Rascal right back to his roots, but with a hip-hop twist Jay-Z or E40 would be proud of.