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Present Arms (Deluxe Edition)



Released: 4th Aug 2017


Released in May 1981, “Present Arms” was the second album to be recorded by UB40 and it spawned two Top 20 UK hits, “One In Ten” and “Don’t Let It Pass You By/Don’t Slow Down”.

“Present Arms In Dub” was released in October 1981 and spent seven weeks in the chart. This Deluxe Edition CD set contains this and the original album, plus and a disc of BBC live recording from 1981.

Present Arms (Deluxe Edition)


  1. Present Arms
  2. Sardonicus
  3. Don't Let It Pass You By
  4. Wild Cat
  5. One In Ten
  6. Don't Slow Down
  7. Silent Witness
  8. Lamb's Bread
  9. Don't Walk On The Grass
  10. Dr.x
  11. Don't Slow Down
  12. Present Arms In Dub
  13. Smoke It
  14. B Line
  15. King's Row
  16. Return Of Dr X
  17. Walk Out
  18. One In Ten
  19. Neon Haze
  20. One In Ten
  21. Present Arms
  22. Silent Witness
  23. Sardonicus
  24. Present Arms
  25. Tyler
  26. Food For Thought
  27. Don't Let It Pass You By
  28. Sardonicus
  29. One In Ten
  30. Madame Medusa
  31. Don't Slow Down
  32. Burdon Of Shame
  33. Don't Walk On The Grass
  34. Medley: I Think It's Going To Rain Today / Dream A Lie / My Way Of Thinking